Teste seus conhecimentos em Inglês fazendo os exercícios propostos abaixo e descubra se ainda precisa estudar mais para se sair bem nas provas de vestibular. Os temas abordados nessas questões são: o Simple Present e o Present Continuous. Boa sorte e bons estudos!

  1. Select the proposition in which the sentences are correct:01) Students learn at school.02) Worldwide pollution depend specially on the emissions of greenhouse gases.04) Open the window! It is not raining.

    08) I used to drink a lot of coffee but these days I am searching for tea.

    16) She usually dryes her hair after taking a shower.

    32)Today we are having some calls that we never have at this time of the year.

  2. (UDESC) – There´s a lot of gold in the North of Brazil, and now people there ____________ for it. People _______ for this mineral wherever it is.a) searching – is searchingb) are searching – searchc) are searching – searches

    d) searches – are searching

  3. Aunt Polly never _________ to the meeting on time.a)comesb)is comingc)come


    e)will come

  4. Choose the grammatically correct proposition(s):01) Watch out! The dog is coming.02) The girls are watching television at the moment.04) Joe usually is sleeping late at night.

    08) It’s very clear that she is lieing to you at present.

    16) Sorry, I can’t talk on the cell phone right now. I am driving my car.

  5. The policeman usually ____________ early in the morning.a) wakes upb) wake upc) woke up

    d) waking up

    e) is waking up

  6. My children usually ____________ milk for breakfast in the morning.a) have drinkingb) is drinkc) drink

    c) is drinking

    d) are drinking

    e) drank

  7. Money ___________ the world go round.a) is makingb) madec) are making

    d) have make

    e) makes

  8. (ACAFE) Be careful! The old man ____________ every word that you are saying.a) has understandingb) understandingc) undesrtands

    d) is understanding

  9. Be careful! The car _______ to your direction.a) comingb) have comec) to come

    d) cames

    e) is coming

  10. We usually ________ our breakfast at 7am, but today we ___________ it a little later because it’s holiday.a) have – is havingb) are having – havec) have – are having

    d) has – is having

    e) are have – having


Confira abaixo as respostas às questões propostas acima:

  1. 45
  2. B
  3. A
  4. 19
  5. A
  6. C
  7. E
  8. C
  9. E
  10. C

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