Quando estudamos as preposições em Inglês, o melhor jeito de aprende-las, é associá-las com o substantivo com que são geralmente usadas.

Preposition-Dependent Verbs

Abide by
Accuse someone for
Add something to something
Adhere to
Advise someone to
Allergic to
Allow for
Admire somebody for something
Agree on / with somebody about something
Aim at, not on or against
Anxious about, not for
Apologise for
Apply to / for
Approve of
Argue with somebody about something
Arise from
Arrest someone for
Arrive in / at, not to
Ashamed of , not from
Ask for
Attend to

Beg for
Believe in
Belong to
Beware of
Benefit from, not by
Blame somebody for something
Boast of or about, not for
Borrow from
Brag about
Buy something for someone

Call for
Care about / for
Choose between
Comment on
Compare to / with
Comply with
Careful with or of, not for
Certain about
Come or go by train, not with
Complain of, not for
Confidence in
Conform to, not with
Concentrate on
Congratulate on / for
Consent to
Consist of
Contribute to
Cook something for someone
Count on / upon
Cure someone of a disease
Convince of
Covered with or in, not by
Cure somebody of something, not from

Deal with
Decide about / on / upon
Depend on / upon, not of
Deprive of, not from
Disagree on / with
Distinguish from
Die of an illness, not from
Divide into parts, not in parts
Do research on / into / about
Do something for someone
Doubt about, not for
Dream about/of

Escape from
Exception to, not of
Exchange for
Excel in
Excuse someone for
Expect someone to

Face up to
Fail in, not from
Famous for
Feel like
Fed up with
Find something for someone
Fine someone for
Forgive somebody for something
Forget about
Full of, not from

Get rid of, not from
Give something for / to someone
Glad of or about, not from or with
Good at, not in
Guard against, not from
Guilty of, not for

Hide from
Hope for
Hopeless at

Independent of, not from
Indifferent to, not for or of
Insist on / upon
Interfere with / in
Introduce to

Joke about

Laugh at
Lack of
Late for
Leave for a place, not to
Lend something to someone
Live on (money), not from
Listen to
Long for
Look at, not to
Look forward to

Make something for someone
Mad at
Mistake someone for

Object to
Offer something to someone
Optimistic about

Participate in something
Pass by a place, not from
Pay for
Pay something to someone
Persist in
Popular with, not among
Praise someone for
Pray for
Prefer to, not from
Preparation of
Present someone with
Prevent someone from
Prohibit someone from
protect someone/something from
protest about
provide someone/something with
punish someone for

Quarrel with

Ready for
Recover from
Refer to
Rejoice at or in, not for
Relay on / upon
Remind of
Resign from
Rescue from
Respond to
Revise for

Save someone from
Sell something to someone
send something to someone
sentence someone to
show something to someone
smile at
stare at
stop from
subscribe to
substitute for
succeed in
Seriuos about
Share with
Similar to, not with
Spend on, not with
Specialize in
Steal from
Succeed in, not at
Suffer from
Superior to, not from or than
Sure of, not about or for
Surprised at, not for
Suspect of, not for
Sympathy with

Think of / about
Thank for
take advantage/care of
talk with/to someone about something
Tie to, not on
Translate into, not to
Tremble with cold, not from

Useless at
Used to

volunteer to
vote for

Wait for
Warn somebody of danger, not about
Welcome to
Write in ink, not with

Preposition-Dependent Adjectives

Abreast of
Absent from
Accustomed to
accused of/by
acquainted with
addicted to
adjacent to
afraid of / to (infinitive)
Angry with / at, not against
annoyed with/by
associated with
aware of

blessed with
bored with/by

capable of
close to
cluttered with
committed to
compatible with
composed of
concerned about
confronted with
connected to
conscious of
consistent with
content with
contrary to
convinced of
coordinated with
covered with
crowded with

dedicated to
devoted to
Disappointed in / with, not from
discriminated against
divorced from
done with
Dressed in, not with

engaged in/to
envious of
equipped with
equivalent to
excited about
exhausted from
exposed to

faithful to
familiar with
filled with
finished with
fond of
friendly to/with
frightened of/by
full of
furnished with

gone from
grateful to/for
guilty of

innocent of
interested in
invited to
Involve in / with

Jealous of, not from

known for

limited to
located in

made of/from
married to

opposed to

patient with
Pleased with, not from
polite to
prepared for
protected from
Proud of, not for

qualified for

related to
relevant to
remembered for
responsible for

Satisfied with, not from
scared of/by
suitable for

terrified of/by
tired of/from
talk to
think about / of

upset with
used to
useful to

worried about

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